What To Do With Your Engagement Ring After a Divorce?

What To Do With Your Engagement Ring After a Divorce?

Upcycled Engagement ring redesigned

Do you still remember how it was when you first wore that ring on your finger? It's hard to forget what we believe was one of the happiest days of our life! The butterflies in your belly, the glitter in your eyes, and the biggest smile on your face!

 Life can be as unpredictable as the year 2020, and it’s not always a fairytale for everyone. So what do you do with your wedding ring set after a break-up? Pawn it? Try to re-sell it? Upcycle it? In this blog we will cover the different options you can consider and introduce you to our jewelry makeover services, transforming old jewelry to new, because you can always have your gold ring transformed with a little “TLC” from the finest shop in town. Get in touch!

Jewelry Transformation After Divorce

 Should You Pawn Your Engagement Ring?

Now it may happen that you want to get rid of the ring and try to pawn it, but it will get you nothing but only a trifle of what you originally paid. Don’t let those diamonds and gold go to waste! Pawn-shops will give you “scrap” value, meaning only the value of the raw materials sold at a discounted “buy back” rate. Instead of paying for the piece as a whole, evaluated by its materials, craftsmanship a brand, which is the pricing system you originally paid for.

 Resell Your Engagement Ring?

There are also a few companies that deal with reselling wedding sets and engagement rings. It’s a better option to pawning your gold rings, however, it can take an indefinite time to sell them, and even then, there’s no guarantee that it will get sold. If it’s a custom design not common in the commercial market the chances dwindle even more. Classic more generic engagement rings have a bit of a higher chance but it’s still not a guarantee.

what to do with your wedding rings after divorce upcycle

 Recycle Your Engagement Rings

For a better option, you can always choose to refurbish your wedding ring set and get the ring transformed into a new custom design by reusing your old gold and diamonds. A much more cost-savvy way of buying custom jewelry. It’s also a chance for you to buy your own jewelry with your taste and style.

 Having considered these options, getting your engagement ring redesigned will probably be the best alternative for you. Transforming the jewelry can also signify a fresh start, a new long-awaited phase in your life that no longer carries the shadows of bad times but a new beginning, one you're creating for yourself.

recycled gold earrings

 Get Started On Upcycling Your Rings Today!

Fine+Flux, handcrafted in Montreal, has an exquisite range of custom and handmade jewelry designs to choose from. An easy and unique experience you will love. If you are not sure of what you would like to have made, not a problem, we are here to help. We will guide you through finding the design that matches your taste and budget.

 Book your Consultation today via our online video calls or in-person at our downtown Montreal Boutique (1255 Phillips Square #412-E, H3B 3G1) and start the newest chapter of your life on a good note!

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