Jewelry Transformation Gallery

Here is a gallery of some of our Jewelry transformations (old to new) and engagement ring redesigns. All our examples are made from our clients recycled gold and gemstones.

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recycled gold scrap jewelryMens gold wedding bands recycled gold

recycled jewelry heirloomheirloom jewelry transformed into new

redesigned sapphire ringsapphire ring redesigned

diamond engagement ring redesigned transformed old engagement ring into new

old wedding band redesigned double band cluster ring made from recycled jewelry

gold necklace transformed into a ring double band ring made by using old gold

after divorced wedding rings turned into a necklace custom diamond necklace made from old wedding bands

heirloom jewelry transformed into engagement ring custom 3 stone engagement ring made from inherited rings

inherited rings melted down into new ringruby and diamond ring made from recycled gold

princess cut engagement ring redesigned into newPrincess cut wedding ring made made from recycled gold and diamonds

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emerald and sapphire gold rings transformed into newcustom designed 3 stone ring made from recycled gold

old yellow gold ring recycled into new design minimalist diamond ring made from recycled gold

heirloom birks engagement ring recycled into earrings custom morganite earrings made from recycled engagement ring

gold bands melted and reused in ring redesign open band ring made from redesigned gold

Broken ring melted and transformed into new design twisted sapphire ring made from heirloom ring










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Our Latest Custom Jewelry

emerald and diamond wedding band floral design
emerald and diamond flower engagement ring

Cushion cut sapphire floral ring
floral teal sapphire ring custom ring

sapphire paperclip chain bracelet in yellow gold
Mint tourmaline and diamond ring

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