What Are Ethical Engagement Rings & Conflict Free Gemstones

What Are Ethical Engagement Rings & Conflict Free Gemstones

What Are Ethical Engagement Rings & Conflict Free Gemstones?


What is an ethical engagement ring? Montana Sapphire rings

Fine jewelry like many other industries, have gone under serious scrutiny over the last decade in terms of sourcing, extraction of materials, and fabrication of their pieces. Because of this awareness the jewelry industry has seen an increase in demand for ethical jewelry from consumers. Today, we’re going to talk about what it means if something is ethically sourced and how as a client, you can you buy jewelry and engagement rings with this in mind.

So what does it mean if jewelry, specifically engagement rings, are ethically sourced?

For starters, the materials used to make ethical jewelry has come from a "conflict free zone".  This means areas in which either gold, gemstones, or diamonds that are not sourced in war or civil war zones. One common example of this is Africa’s blood diamonds. Furthermore, the purchase of these materials are not used to fund terrorist organizations, war or any sort of political corruption.

Ethical sapphire engagement ring Montana sapphires

How Do We Know Our Engagement Ring Is Ethically Sourced?

If having an ethically sourced engagement ring is important to you, then these are a few options for you to start with!

For one buying gemstones that come from countries such as Australia, Canada the US are almost always guaranteed to be ethically sourced as well as fair-trade. This is because these countries have higher work condition standards and  fair wages for their employees, as opposed to other countries, such as India. More so, these countries also have strict laws against child labor. 

Are Ethical Engagement Rings More Expensive?

Yes, ethical engagement rings will generally have a slightly higher price point than similar pieces that are not certified as ethically sourced jewels. They are more expensive because of the reasons previously mentioned. 

For example, there is a 10% increase in value on Canadian diamonds. It is vital to take the cost of labour in Canada into consideration, as it is much higher than in other diamond hubs around the world. Canadian diamonds have a reputation for their outstanding quality. You can tell a diamond is Canadian because the girdle of the diamond will have a polar bear or maple leave laser engraved next to its serial number.

However, diamonds under 0.24pts are not engraved because the cost to do so outweighs the value of of the diamond. This means that knowing the original source of smaller diamonds cannot be 100% known and guaranteed. 

Most gemstones that are certified as ethical will come with an origins report or documentation stating that the stone is indeed ethically sourced. However, this is not always the case. I will touch on some of these exceptions to the rule. But first, here is a picture of an invoice sealed with a sticker only given to ethically sourced gemstones to prove its status. 

There is a misconception however, and that is that clients often view gemstones coming from second or third world countries as a negative thing. The mining and gem cutting industries provide jobs for many smaller villages families. Both the people and mining communities around the world are able to thrive this way. Without these jobs they would be stripped of their only source of income.

For example, the following gemstones have been personally bought by one of Fine and Flux's trusted gemstone dealers and gemologists, Lauriane Lognay. She bought the gemstones from locals within mining villages. Lognay also makes sure to find out about the facilities, the working conditions, and where the stones have been cut.

Where Can You Buy An Ethical Engagement Ring

With us of course! If you're interested in creating an ethically sourced piece of jewelry or engagement ring send us an email at info@fineandflux and we will be happy to source you an ethical diamond or gemstone! We hold a wide selection from all over the world.

You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook: @Fineandflux 


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