5 don'ts engagement ring shopping

Top 5 Engagement Ring Shopping Don'ts

Today we are breaking down the top 5 things you should avoid when shopping for an engagement ring! If you have any questions or custom jewelry requests, please reach out to us at info@fineandflux.com! You can also check out ready to order engagement rings on our website

Propose With A Fake Ring

Engagement Ring

It may be difficult to know what your partners dream rings is, especially if you do not want to spoil the surprise of a proposal. That is why we always recommend that you consider proposing with a fake ring first, and then go through the process of picking and finding the perfect ring together! Although surprising your partner with a proposal and a real ring is traditionally romantic, you want to make sure she absolutely loves her ring and ultimately having her design her own guarantees she will!

This is why it may be a good idea to purchase a cheap 100$ ring off of the internet. It is also a fun project going through the motions of finding a ring you both love together.

 Stop limiting yourself to shopping local 

If you love a jeweler who lives abroad, it is still possible to work with them on your ring. The technology that we have today has made the process of creating a custom engagement ring incredibly simple. Everything can be easily done by email!

Let's break down the process of designing a custom engagement ring so we can show you just how easy it is!

ordering a custom engagement ring online

Once you tell us your budget, we will then source the type of gemstone or diamond you would like to have within that price range. The center stone is the most costly part of an engagement ring, which is why the budget will affect the carat and quality of your stone. Knowing your budget, we will send you multiple options to choose from, by sending HD video of the stones up close and on hand.

Once you've chosen a stone we will then design your ring in 3D for you to approve or request adjustments until it's perfect. Once approved, we will start fabrication and ship it out! If you aren't sure of your ring size we will also express ship you a ring sizer.

personalize engagement ring 3D renderings

This is why it has never been easier to order a personalized engagement ring. The technology we have today makes so that clients never have to leave the comfort of their home and feel pressured to make decisions in in-person purchases. 

If you are interested in creating a custom engagement ring, please reach out to us at info@fineandflux.com, we are always happy to help or answer any questions you may have!

Stop compromising

A lot of women compromise on their dream ring because of their budget, then come back years later and redo it. Over the years we've redone many engagement rings for this very reason. This is why we strongly suggest that instead of compromising, ask if payment plans are an option. Most companies today offer payment plans and are happy to accommodate when asked. 

One tip we do recommend is that when doing payment plans, most third-party payment processing companies take extremely high fees, often up to 10% more, that is why we also recommend reaching out to the company you are working with directly and expressing your interest in payment plans outside of third-party payment companies. At Fine and Flux, we offer payment plans with 0% interest on all products and services over 1K (before taxes).

The one tip we would recommend is that when using a third party company to facilitate the payment plan, they are often forced to charge up to 10% more.

Garnet Beauty & The Beast Rose Ring Gold

 Do your research 

 An educated client is the best client! If you have a certain stone in mind, we recommend that you do your research on it and find out what the basic things you should look for, pros and cons, standard prices, etc. This always helps because you’ll know exactly what you need once you meet your jeweler and will be able to understand what they are talking about. All of that helps you have better control over the situation.

At Fine+Flux we have an exstensive catalogue of free educational videos on our Youtube Channel Dominique Flux. Hope on over to watch unlimited content on everything from prices to gemstones and all the basics of engagement ring shopping!

Do not do a full eternity ring

Queen Of Hearts Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
Although it looks amazing, it creates an unnecessary hassle in the future. An engagement ring is, in theory, a lifetime purchase. We anticipate that we will have it forever. A lot of women’s sizes fluctuate throughout their lives, especially due to pregnancy. Resizing your ring might be inevitable and resizing a full eternity ring is a very difficult and tedious process.  


If you are interested in creating a custom engagement ring, please reach out to us at info@fineandflux.com, we are always happy to help.

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