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Top 4 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Step up your game this Mother’s Day and get your mom a gift that matches her beauty. Here we have top 4 jewelry gift ideas you need this Mother’s Day! All of our ideas can be customized because, as we always say, a personalized gift is the best gift. It shows that you put in a little more thought and effort instead of just swiping your credit card as usual. It sets this gift apart from any other gifts you have ever given.


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Diamond Huggies With Removable Charms

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Diamond huggies are a staple in any jewelry collection, so if your mom doesn’t have them, this is an absolute must. However, our diamond huggies a little different than your average everyday earrings. We made it so you can build a collection of charms to go with them. Pearls, sapphires, tourmalines, or any other stone your heart desires! Pick your mom’s birthstone and we can create a charm to go with that.

Our pearl huggies are extra special because they were inspired by Kate Middleton, and who could possibly be classier than the future queen of England?

diamond huggies with removable birthstone charms

All of our charms are removable and can be worn on necklaces instead! That makes these diamond huggies a 3 in 1 gift: Diamond huggies, Diamond huggies with a charm, and a new charm for your necklaces!

Charm Bracelets

charm bracelets with sapphires

Charm bracelets are a special gift in the sense that you can always build on them in the future. You will never have to think long and hard about what to get your mom ever again, just get her a new charm for the bracelet she got last year! Build a charm collection of her favorite things: Her children’s birthstones, zodiac signs, letters, anything you want really.

This gift also tends to be less expensive than other pieces of jewelry such as rings or necklaces, which is always a plus.

Birthstone Necklaces & Personalized Engravings

mothers day heart charm necklace with engravings

Many types of necklaces can always be engraved with a sentimental letter or word, as long as there is a flat surface somewhere on the piece. We recently designed a locket inspired heart shaped necklace that had more than enough space for a special engraving. Although simple, engravings add a ton of sentimental value and show your mother how much thought went into the gift. 

Pearl necklaces are extremely in right now! However, instead of the dull old woman pearls that come to mind when you think of pearls, we put a modern, yet sophisticated twist to the standard pearl necklace design. This is a statement piece your mom will never stop showing off.

Layered Rings 

3 set diamond stacking ring set

This is another gift idea you can build on for years to come. Eternity rings are the perfect stackable and can be layered with almost anything. These are starter points for every jewelry collection, so if your mom is yet to own an eternity band, this is the way to go!

You can always personalize it by engraving the inside of the ring or adding her birthstone on the band.


If you have any questions or requests, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help! Don’t forget to check our 2023 Mother’s Day Collection and use code MOTHERSDAY15 for 15% off.


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