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Ruby Gemstone: Prices, Color Change, Identifying Qualities & How to Clean!

What are Ruby Gemstones?

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Rubies are some of the most precious gemstones! Today, we are going to be breaking down everything you need to know about this extremely coveted stone: Color, qualities, prices, durability, and care. If you are looking for Ruby or to create a custom engagement ring, send us an email at and we will be happy to help!


Understanding Ruby Qualities

These "4 C's" are used to evaluate both gemstones and diamonds. Cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are all important considerations. We've broken down each attribute to help you find what you’re looking for when purchasing a Ruby.

Color: Rubies are part of the Corundum species, which is Allochromatic, meaning, in its finest form, a Ruby is colorless. The ruby’s red-pink hue is actually a result of chromium and iron impurities. Rubies come in a variety of colors, from a deep brown-red to pink tones, purple tones, brown tones, and orange tones.

Pigeon Blood, which really refers to a pigeon's eye, is the most sought-after hue in rubies. It is a pure red color with a hint of orange. The closer you can get to this shade the more your ruby will increase in value. Of course like most gemstones, finding a color that speaks to you is more important then trying to find the perfectly graded stone by gemologists standard. 

You also want to find a shade of red that is not too dark or not too pale, once we start to go too far in either direction the price will start to drop. you want to find a nice vibrant color right in the middle. When a Ruby grows excessively too pink, it becomes a sapphire.  

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Clarity: This refers to the presence of inclusions (imperfections) in the gem. Ideally, you want a Ruby that is as eye clean as possible, meaning minimal inclusions visible to the naked eye. A ruby could have a visible inclusion but should be strategically placed, perhaps off to the far corner of the stone, where it will be easily covered by a prong. If a ruby is loop clean (no visible imperfections through a loop), or microscope clean (no visible imperfections through a microscope), then it is definitely synthetic.

Identifying inclusions in your gemstone is important because they indicate where it’s from and whether it’s natural or not.

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Cut: The cut of a Ruby is crucial to its value. A poorly cut ruby may contain windows, which are areas that are too shallow, allowing light to flow through the stone without reflecting back. You can easily tell if a Rubie has windows because when placed on your hand you can clearly see your skin when looking through.  

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Carat: This relates to the stone's weight. It is relatively easy to find 1 - 2ct Rubie, but anything larger than that becomes more difficult, which heavily affects the price.

Can you Identify a Fake Ruby at Home?

No! You need to have a professional with specific tools. The best way to find out if your jewelry is synthetic is by getting an appraisal. You can find our blog on appraisals here

If you are ever in need of getting an appraisal, we offer the service for gemstones/diamonds for $100 and $150 for the appraisal of a complete ring. We take around 3-7 business days, however, rush orders are a possibility if needed. If clients are shipping jewelry to us for appraisal, we offer shipping insurance for the full retail price.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, contact us through!

Ruby Prices

The price of a Ruby is directly influenced by its scarcity. The smaller the Ruby, the more affordable it is. A perfect 1ct Pigeon's Blood Ruby may cost $4-7K. A comparable 2ct Ruby would cost between $6K and $8K per carat. The larger a Ruby is, the higher its price will exponentially climb.

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What we recommend is that you send us an idea of what you're looking for, along with your budget, and we'll assist you in finding various possibilities within that price range. Simply shoot us an email at  

Are Rubies Good for Engagement Rings?

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Rubies are a 9 on a Mohs Hardness scale, which is comparable to a drill bit and only one level below diamonds. They are extremely durable and perfect for everyday wear.

Furthermore, rubies are renowned as "stones of nobility" because of their long association with royalty in history. A ruby on your engagement ring demonstrates your grandiose and spectacular taste in jewelry. You also have a wide range of colors to choose from depending on your color preferences!

If you are looking to buy a Ruby engagement ring, please email us at with your budget and we will gladly give you  stone possibilities within your price range.

Ruby Treatments

Heat treatment: This improves the color of the Ruby, making it more desirable, because such hues in Rubies are exceptionally rare.

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Heat treatment is typical, and unless otherwise mentioned, a jeweler will always presume a Ruby has been heated. According to Lauriane Laugnay, a certified GIA/FGA gemologist, “90% of rubies on the market are heat treated, and you’re not even gonna know it.”

Fracture filling: Unlike heating, this is not an accepted treatment. Fracture filling is the process of filling a stone with glass or resin to fill in the imperfections. This completely diminishes the value of a Ruby as its price can fall from $2K to $50. Fracture filling can be identified in Rubies if it has blue reflections. However, this treatment is rarely identified by the naked eye.   


Pleochroism is a stones ability to display different colors depending what angle its viewed from. It is an efficient way to indicate whether your stone is natural or synthetic.

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How to Care and Wash your Ruby Ring?

Rubies are resilient stones and therefore do not require any special care. Allow it to soak for 10 minutes in a dish of warm to boiling water. This will lessen the soap residue and cream buildup. After that, take an old toothbrush and scrub your ring using a small amount of dish soap. We recommend cleaning your jewelry every 3 months.

Ruby the July Birthstone and its Meaning?

Ruby is a July birthstone along with sapphire, onyx, and sardonyx. Ruby has long been a symbol of power and youthful energy. It is said that the gem was used by ancient Chinese and Burmese warriors on their armor to provide protection during combat. In Europe, rubies were seen as a symbol of riches, knowledge, and love among royalty.

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How to Source a Ruby or Create a Custom Engagement Ring?

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If you are interested in purchasing a Ruby or designing an engagement ring, please contact us at and we would be delighted to assist you in finding the ideal match! We will work with your budget and chosen aesthetic to select the ideal jewel for you!


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