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Repurposing Old Jewelry

transforming old jewelry to new

Repurposing Old Jewelry  

When inheriting jewelry from a family member, they come with sentimental value and memories, making them priceless. That’s what brings on the dilemma: It’s too ugly to wear, broken or uncomfortable for everyday use. So what do you do with them?

Recycling Gold Jewelry

You can use our Jewelry Makeover services! We have seen how happy, moved and relieved our clients are when they can finally wear their jewelry. But what is a jewelry makeover? It’s when we take your old gold jewelry and transform it into a new custom piece, designed by you. This is a service Fine and Flux created when we saw the struggle allot of our clients had, but no one was addressing.

How Do We Transform Your Old Jewelry?

First, we start by appraising the jewelry as a whole and then by the materials used, such as the gold karat and gemstones.

After we know what karat and stones we are working with, we will start the custom design process. Recreating new designs based on the materials brought in by our clients. If you aren’t sure of what design you would like, don’t worry, we specialize in one of a kind jewelry, so we are here to guide you through the easy three-step process, to create a design you will love.

We always want the best for our clients, so if we see that the piece is an original or a piece that has a certain worth to it, we may advise you in another direction.

Get started on your jewelry makeover by clicking on this link and filling out the form or simply send us an email at info@fineandflux.com


Turning a ring into a necklace

Here is an example of a necklace we did for a client. She had inherited a ring but hated how big and uncomfortable the center stone was, so we transformed it into a pendant. We created a style that was modern and comfortable to wear every day.


Do you need to be located in Montreal? If you are not able to meet in person we are available via skype, email, and phone. We can also assist you in shipping your jewelry, hassle-free and insured.

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