Can I put cremated ashes in resin?

Cremation Jewelry Made With Resin & Ashes: How It's Made?

Cremation jewelry is a form of keepsake made to commemorate a loved one or pet that has passed. There are many forms of cremation jewelry. At Fine+Flux we have created a method of incorporating the ashes within a small compartment under the center stone and sealing shut (see our ready to order designs here). However, today we will be going over another method using resin.

Can you put ashes within resin?

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Yes you can! We do this by delicately mixing ashes within the resin solution and curing it. Resin is a very durable material that will withstand every day wear and tear, perfect for a jewel you never want to take off. Resin can also be polished and easily worked. This means that if ever you were to scratch your resin piece, we could easily repair it, unlike traditional enamel that would need to be entirely redone.


Why Choose Resin For Your Memorial Jewel?

Resin ashes cremation jewelry
 Resin is a great option because you can choose between translucent or opaque and can be made in almost every color. We have had clients request more translucent options in order to be able to see the ashes within their simulated gem. However, for clients who want something more discrete, we can make the mixture more opaque, concealing the fact there are ashes within the piece. You have full control over the appearance!

We can recreate almost any color. You can customize your rings' color to one that reminds you of that special person. In fine jewelry we also have birthstones for every month of the year which gives you the option to choose the birthstone of your loved one. For example January is for garnet (red stone) and May is for emerald (green stone).

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In terms of the design of your jewel, we can make resin into any shape. So we can play around with different stone shapes and sizes until you like the final appearance of the gem. It is also a relatively inexpensive material to use in comparison to natural gemstones, which depending on the type and carat weight of the stone can be quite costly. You can make rather large cremation gemstones with out the large jump in price!

Customizing Your Resin Jewel

Because this is a very personal jewel, we offer complimentary engravings on every piece. This is a beautiful way to inscribe a meaningful message, name, or date that reminds you of that special person or pet.

How to make a cremation jewel with resin?

floral ashes cremation necklace in resin

Our process is easy, fast, and an enjoyable distraction in these hard times! Let's go over the steps, so you can know what to expect!

1) We specialize in fully personalized designs, so we can recreate any style or design you would like to have made! All you need to do is send us inquiry by clicking here, and giving us a brief description of the jewel you would like to have made. Attaching pictures of styles you like is also always helpful.

2) Once we have an idea of what you would like, we will design your ring or pendant in 3D and send you 3D renderings of what your piece will look like before we actually make it. This way you will be able to request adjustments to the design until you absolutely LOVE it!

3) Once you approve the design we will start fabrication and ship it out to you! The whole process from start to finish takes 2-3 weeks.

Additional benefits and payment plans

At Fine and flux we will always work around your budget and needs. By letting us know your comfort zone, we will provide a selection of materials and design options for you to choose from. We also have 0% interest free payment plans, where you can pay in up to 3 installments, with out having to worry about any unwanted additional charges. If you are interested in this option, simply let us know when you reach out and we will make it happen!

All our jewelry comes with free ring sizers, complimentary engravings and free shipping! You can also view our standard non resin ashes jewelry by clicking here.


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