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Rhodium & Maintenance Services

Your engagement ring and wedding band are subject to daily wear and tear. This is why we strongly recommend you bring in your bridal set every 5 years for a cleaning, prong inspection and to render your jewels looking brand new!

What is included in our checkup package?

1) We will clean your jewelry by ultrasound, giving a deep clean, not attainable by at home cleaning.

2) we will verify all prongs are intact and repair them if necessary.

fixing broken prongs near me engagement ring jewelry wedding

3) We will high polish your rings, removing all superficial scratches.

polishing polish jewelry ring engagement wedding band near me

4) We will rhodium plate your white gold! 

rhodium plating plate white gold before after

 And VOILA! Your rings will look brand new! 

Prices for engagement rings are: 150
Prices for engagement ring & wedding band set: 250

 The process can be done within 3 hours of reception. Please fill out the form below or send an email at info@fineandflux.com to schedule a drop off time or for shipping information. *Prices do not include shipping if applicable and are subject to change depending on the amount of rhodium required (for larger rings).

*Please note that we will evaluate each ring upon reception and if we deem them to be in too poor condition for our standards, we reserve the right to refuse this service and clients if applicable will need to pay for return shipping.