At Fine and Flux, ethical sourcing isn't just a practice – it's a point of pride. We believe that the beauty of our jewelry should be matched by the ethical integrity of its origins. *Upon request, our diamonds and gemstones are carefully selected from renowned sources across Canada, the U.S., and Australia. These regions are known for their stringent regulations that ensure not only the quality of the stones but also the ethical practices that surround their extraction. 

So How Does It Work?

To request an ethically sourced gemstone or Canadian diamond, for an engagement ring or a bespoke jewel, all you need to do is send us a request! Fill out the form below, where you can let us know your preferred type of stone, your budget and the design you’d like. We will then prepare a selection of 2-3 options within those criteria's for you to choose from. 

Please note that not all gemstone species can be ethically sourced. For example, finding white topaz that has an origin report is not possible, which is why we refrain from making the claims that all our jewelry can be made with ethically sourced options. Which is why we recommend some leniency when requesting an ethical option. We have prepared a list of ethical gemstones we are known for:

What are some ethical options?

Ethically sourced Sapphires
We carry a large selection of ethically sourced sapphires from the US (Montana) and Australia. These sapphires are known for their beautiful range of green, blue, teal hues. Ethical white sapphire can also be a great alternative for clients who don't want to purchase a diamond.

Ethically sourced Emeralds
We purchase our emeralds from a family owned mine in Brazil. They produce vibrant green emeralds of excellent quality.

Ethically sourced Spinels
Spinels are known for their beautiful luster and wide range of shades of pinks, purples, burgundies and silver stones. Often at more reasonable price points than sapphires and proves a great option for shades such as pink, which can be hard to source ethically for stones such as sapphires. Our spinels come from a small family owned mine in Vietnam.

Ethically sourced Alexandrite
Alexandrite, the June birthstone is rarer than diamond and known for its captivating color changing properties. We import all our alexandrite from an ethical mine in Brazil. For clients looking for carat weights 1ct+, please keep in mind to contact us as early as possible due to the possible sourcing delays caused by the scarcity of the stone in higher carat weights. 

Are Ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones more expensive?

On average ethically sourced diamonds and colored stones are about 10-20% more expensive than their non-origin counterparts. This is due to several factors such as the miners having fair living wages, stringent environmental regulations, and additional costs towards documentation of stones.

Time delays

At Fine+Flux, our average time delay to create a bespoke engagement ring or jewelry, from point of contact all the way to shipment, is 2-3 weeks. When sourcing ethical stones, clients should come as early as possible to ensure we have more time to source their perfect stone. Because ethical diamonds and gemstones, especially over the 2ct+ range are more scarce. Especially if clients are looking for unique cuts, specific colors or species. We want to have enough time to allow us to import stones for clients if need be.

Does the country of origin matter?

When we talk about origin, there are places that will have a guaranteed check mark for ethical sourcing and sustainability, such as Australia, Canada and the USA. However we want to disclose that simply because it is coming from say a third world or second world country does not exclude them from these standards. We source our stones from gemologists who have personally traveled the world and have visited these mines and have deemed them worthy of these green checkmarks. For example we source our spinel’s from a small family owned mine in Vietnam. We value the quality of the individual mines and their standards of practice over the origin of the mine and clients should too.

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