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Teal Sapphires: Prices, Color Comparisons & Ethical Origins

Ethically sourced teal sapphire ring

Teal sapphires have grown in popularity over the last few years. I wanted to share some examples of all the different colors to choose from because teal sapphires offer some of the most nuanced shades. You can find stones leaning more towards greens and others towards blues. I will also cover the common origins, ethical options and prices!

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Teal Sapphire Color Comparison: Greens Vs Blues

Teal sapphire is almost an umbrella term because there is so much variation within this color group. Most teal sapphires will lean towards the green or towards the blue as you can see in the examples below. This is why I will often tell clients to see which base color they prefer and to go from there.

Teal sapphires 1ct from Australia for saleRound Teal sapphires from Montana for engagement rings









Whichever teal color you prefer, you also want to look for stones of nice saturation and brightness. If you pick one that is too dark, it will not allow light to pass through and you will lose brilliance, but if you pick one that is too light it will appear faded and lacklustre. 

Teal Sapphire Color Zoning & Bi-Color Properties

Teal sapphires, especially specimens from Australia and the US, often have strong bi-color and even tri-color properties. This means you will often find 2 or 3 colors within the same stone. For teal sapphires of these origins, yellows, greens, blues and whites are common secondary colors. If you look at this stone below, it is leaning more towards green with areas of lighter green and yellow. It gives a truly beautiful and unique appearance and can even brighten up your sapphire which is the case for this stone because of the bright yellow.

Australian sapphire with bi-colored stonebicolored Teal Australian sapphire brilliant cut








Color zoning is a phenomenon where throughout the stone you will see areas of stronger saturations of color. It often appears as streaks going through the stone or actual areas where it becomes paler or darker. This is very common in sapphires and is not an issue until the zoning becomes too pronounced or poorly placed. For example I've seen stones with strong color zoning within the center of the stone making a bright white center, which is not appealing at all.

Teal sapphires for rings color zoning explainedcolor zoning in sapphires what it looks like








Teal Sapphires With Ethical Origins: Montana, USA & Australia

floral teal sapphire ring custom ring

I buy most of my teal sapphires from Montana, USA and Australia. They produce very high quality, beautiful teal, blue, green, white and yellow sapphires. Being mined and produced in these countries it is a guarantee that they will follow strict labor laws and environmental laws, making them an easy option for anyone with these concerns.

Buying sapphires from ethical mines can average an easy 10% more in price when compared to a sapphire of the same color, carat and caliber without an identified origin. However, as you will see in the next paragraph, these colors of sapphires are still modestly priced between the 1-4cts.

Teal & Green Sapphire Prices

Sapphire prices are strongly driven by demand, which is why teal sapphires which are not as popular as the classic blue, will still see very reasonable pricing. You can easily find 1ct stones in the 1500-3k per carat range. 2cts will be in the 2-4k per carat range. 3ct are in the 3-5K per carat range.

 Teal Sapphire Engagement Rings

sapphire halo engagement ring with diamond

Sapphires are a great option for an engagement ring. They have an excellent hardness of 9/10. Perfect for everyday wear and tear. They are also very easy to clean as they need no special care, simply dish soap and an old toothbrush will do the trick. Making for a low maintenance piece.

Sapphires also have a refractive index of 1.75, which is one of the higher stones. This means that they have a very good brilliance, which is what you want for your engagement ring, it has that pop!

If you are looking to create a teal sapphire engagement ring, I specialize in sourcing high quality gemstones and would love to help find you the perfect gem! Simply send your inquiry at info@fineandflux.com and I will be happy to help create your dream ring.

You can also view our ready to order engagement rings, all designs can be made with a teal sapphire of your choosing, simply send us an email to customize it.

Sapphire Buying Tips

The one thing I would keep in mind when buying a sapphire is that they weigh more then diamond. Often times when people are deciding on the size of the stone they would like, they will often refer to online diamond size comparison charts. However diamonds do weigh less then sapphires meaning that a 1ct diamonds diameter is about 6.5mm vs a sapphires could easily be 6mm for a 1ct because the material is more dense.

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