cremation jewellery made from resin and ashes: Pros and Cons

Resin Cremation Jewellery: Pros & Cons

Cremation Ashes Memorial Jewelry Ring in resinCremation, memorial, or ashes jewelry is the incorporation of your loved one’s ashes in a piece of jewelry. It can be a necklace, ring, or even a bracelet. There are two different ways to commemorate your loved one through jewelry: with Resin or by sealing it under gemstones using screws. Today we will be breaking down the pros and cons of Resin ashes jewelry!

If you are interested in cremation jewelry, check out our selection of previous designs. If you are looking for a custom design, reach out to us on and we will happily help!


  • Perhaps the best thing about using resin when creating a piece of ashes jewelry is the fact that you can see the ashes. Many people search for this feature when buying ashes jewelry as it makes them feel more connected to their loved one. 
  • flower necklace with ashes and bracelet
    When buying a piece of jewelry made of resin, you are mostly paying for the cost of labor than the resin itself. Generally, when purchasing a ring, most of the cost is dedicated to the center stone. However, because resin is so inexpensive, you will not be paying as much as you would for other jewelry. It is also a beautiful notion that the most invaluable part of the ring, a loved one’s ashes, takes the place of an expensive center stone.
  • Resin is also extremely versatile as it can take almost any shape and size. You are not bound to the classic shapes of gemstones and diamonds, in contrast, you can get as creative as you like!
  • Not only is resin difficult to break, but it is also easily repairable. Although scratching or damaging your resin is a difficult feat, it can still look brand new with a simple repair.


  • Resin can only have a flat surface; therefore, it is not going to take the shape of a gemstone with facets.
  • Because the texture of ashes is not consistent, they can sometimes slightly protrude and create little bubbles on the surface. This is sometimes unavoidable as the texture of ashes cannot be changed. However, this is only visible if looking at the jewelry very closely.
  • Even though we always strive to fulfill our customers' requests, the resin's colors may occasionally differ from what you initially wanted. Ashes tend to be light grey, therefore, when mixed with the resin, the ashes have a minor effect on the resin's color. Lighter colors are less impacted, whereas darker hues tend to appear slightly lighter. We always send customers swatches of the color before we begin the process of creating the jewelry, however, you have to be prepared for a slight change of color.

Cremation Jewelry, Where To Start?

1) We specialize in fully personalized designs, so we can recreate any style or design you would like to have made! All you need to do is send us inquiry by clicking here, and giving us a brief description of the jewel you would like to have made. Attaching pictures of styles you like is also always helpful.

2) Once we have an idea of what you would like, we will design your ring or pendant in 3D and send you 3D renderings of what your piece will look like before we actually make it. This way you will be able to request adjustments to the design until you absolutely LOVE it!

3) Once you approve the design we will start fabrication and ship it out to you! The whole process from start to finish takes 2-3 weeks.

Additional benefits and payment plans

Cremation Jewellery made from resin and diamond

At Fine and flux we will always work around your budget and needs. By letting us know your comfort zone, we will provide a selection of materials and design options for you to choose from. We also have 0% interest free payment plans, where you can pay in up to 3 installments, with out having to worry about any unwanted additional charges. If you are interested in this option, simply let us know when you reach out and we will make it happen!

All our jewelry comes with free ring sizers, complimentary engravings and free shipping! You can also view our standard non resin ashes jewelry by clicking here.

If you are interested in cremation jewelry or would like to know what other personalization options, we have available, please send us an email at and we would be happy to help. You can also view our selection of our previous designs in cremation jewelry.


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