Redesign Your Old Engagement Ring

Redesign Your Old Engagement Ring

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Many people champion that marriage is one of the best things that has happened to them—having been married for 10, 20, 30 years! Why not make your ring reflect the same love and understanding that has grown during your time together?

Your ring goes through the ups and downs of life with you. From when you got engaged, your first fight, places you have traveled. Your ring has never left your side, literally!

If you have grown together, lived, loved, laughed together for so many years, why let your engagement ring fade away? Keep it as fresh as the day you got it!

Get in touch today! Redesigning your engagement ring keeps the emotional heritage attached to the piece simply giving it a makeover. Matching the trends of the last decade and more importantly your change in style over the years.

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Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

When you were young you might not have had the financial freedom to buy the ring you really loved. By redesigning it you are not only keeping the sentimental value but giving yourself the opportunity to create the custom design you’ve always wanted! No more compromising! Also, upgrading jewelry is always a good idea and an excellent way to show how you’ve grown in status over the years.

Upcycling Your Engagement Ring: A More Cost Savy Option

At Fine+Flux, we use all the old materials you provide us. We can often reuse most diamonds and semi-precious stones. That way, you get a new look for your rings and it’s a more cost-effective solution to buying an entirely new wedding set. When providing your own gold and diamonds you will only be charged for the labor in creating your upcycled ring. Get your Design today

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Start Your Wedding Ring Transformation Today! 

Fine+Flux is handcrafted in Montreal with love and top quality craftsmanship. We offer a variety of makeovers, whether you want a complete transformation or a partial fix. You can always trust us to take great care of your beloved jewels!

Get started today by booking your consultation, via our online video calls or in-person at our downtown Montreal Boutique (1255 Phillips Square #412-E, H3B 3G1) and renew the love of your ring!

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