Miami Jewelry Collection! The Making Of Our Diamond & Tourmaline Bespoke Rings!

Miami Jewelry Collection! The Making Of Our Diamond & Tourmaline Bespoke Rings!

We are officially announcing our Miami Collection! As you can tell by the name, the pieces were inspired by Miami’s cultural, architectural, and natural qualities. Miami’s beauty inspired my creative side so much that I decided to create a whole collection surrounding it! I love how sophisticated yet extravagant the pieces came out and hope you like them too!

Starry Night Ring

Our first piece is our Starry Night ring. It includes Palm Tree motifs because the Palm Trees in Miami are iconic. When dedicated a collection to Miami, including its beautiful natural qualities felt essential! I also added diamond accents that imitate stars representing our nights out. The center stone is an orange tourmaline which creates such a beautiful hue when set in yellow gold. The nightlife in Miami is so prominent I felt I needed to portray that!

The second piece is our Flower Ring, which is my favorite of the entire collection. The flower details are inspired by Miami architecture that I see whenever I visit. The art deco designs are most common in dividers around houses. The small details around the city are really part of Miami’s beauty. It’s almost as if every detail is so well thought out to beautify the city and make it just a little more special. I really wanted to pay homage to that through this design. I included a line of diamonds that cut through the flower motifs, adding a little more bling to it, which is what Miami is all about. 

Floral Art Deco Gold Ring

The center stone is a green tourmaline bezel set in yellow gold. I think there is something so classy about a bezel set as well as the color combination of yellow gold and a green stone. The green of the stone also adds to the floral designs and further represents the theme of Miami’s nature. This ring is definitely one I am obsessed with!

The third piece is a necklace in White Gold. It shares the same flower motifs as the Flower Ring surrounding a pink spinel. I love combining White Gold with pink gemstones. They’re such complimentary colors in my opinion. I, of course, also added a little more bling by surrounding the necklace with diamonds which just completes the design. This necklace is extra special to me because I made it for my mom, and she loves it!

Spinel and Gold necklace

After coming up with the idea and finally seeing the pieces come to light, we got started on the super fun part: Marketing. I loved the marketing process of this collection! We started off by finding models and picking out the perfect clothes. The next step was to find a venue. We wanted something more special and extravagant than the average white background photoshoot, after all, this is the Miami collection! After a lot of scouring, we found the perfect house! It was designed beautifully with pictures along the walls and the most lavish furniture. Along the backside of the house, we found gambling tables which was so cool! We might have been in the location of an illegal gambling situation which I found just added to the extravagance of the whole collection.

Miami COllection gold jewelry tourmaline

I love marketing my products and creating content that highlights not just their beauty, but also the hard work that went into creating them. Every piece was created with so much thoughtfulness and precision, so we hope you like them as much as we do!

Don’t forget to check out our collection! All the pieces are customizable so please do not hesitate to reach out at for any personalization you may want.  

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