Custom Gold Guitar Pick

Making A Custom Guitar Pick In Gold

Today we will be breaking down one of our most interesting and unique custom pieces! A client reached out asking for a custom guitar pick for their partner who plays for the orchestra and cannot wear rings.

Custom Guitar Pick

We learned a lot of new things while creating this piece, such as that guitar picks come in different sizes and thicknesses! This custom guitar pick was simply a memento, not for actual use as it is made of gold and cannot bend.

The front of the pick has a heart shaped design, and the back has a custom engraving. Because of the wide surface of the piece (unlike the inside of a ring or the back of a necklace), we were able to be creative with the designs and engraving! Our customer took the time to hand-write a text for us to engrave, which is a beautiful gesture and a unique opportunity for us!

Our options for the design on the front were either heart shaped enamel or sapphires. In the end, she picked the sapphires, which we loved! It gives the piece a more luxurious and blinged-out look.

Gold Guitar Pick

We used a total of 18 blue sapphires to create the heart shape. When using several of the same stone, you need to make sure the colors are the same size and shape, which is what we took the time to do. We then had the piece cast, then we set the stone, high polished it, and it was ready to go!

We really enjoyed making this piece and learned a lot from this new experience. We are always open to new and unique projects. If you are interested in a custom guitar pick, or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on




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