poorly made halo engagement rings

Identifying Poorly Made Halo Engagement Rings!

In this blog post, I will be showing you the most common mistakes I see in regard to poorly made halos due to bad craftsmanship. This blog will help educate you on what to look out for! Engagement rings are a luxury purchase we don't want to make twice!

Read this blog to make sure you are buying the highest quality wedding set! You can also scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the youtube video where I also explain it in person!

So first off, the main purpose of a halo ring is that in adding a diamond pave around the center diamond it gives the illusion you cant see where the diamond starts or ends, making it look bigger then it really is! If you have a smaller budget it is a great option to consider.

Poorly made halo engagement ring

1) Sometimes jewelers will make molds of their jewelry to cut down on 3D time and printing of the piece to save money on labor and material costs. But it's not every time someone is going to order the same carat of diamond. So in making the ring from a mold the prongs and halo are not properly adjusted to the center stone resulting in the gap you see in the picture above!

wonky halo rings badly made

2)The second trick of the trade is that we use halos to actually correct the shape of the stone. No diamond or gemstone is perfectly symmetrical, not even calibrated-brilliant cut diamonds. So we 3D designers will adjust the shape along the halo giving it a more eye-pleasing look.

In the image shown above, it looks like the jeweler followed the shape of the diamond instead of correcting and enhancing it, making it look "wonky".

This jagged shaped halo can also be a result of not putting the right amount of diamonds in the pave. It looks like there are too many stones and they are trying to squish them in so they fit. However, they don't perfectly fit making them unevenly placed.

halos should be on an angle

3) Halos should always be on an angle on an incline towards the center stone. This accentuates the diamond and also makes it look more refined!

If you look at the halo in this picture you can see that the halo is flat making it look bulky.

 jewelry mistakes bad engagement rings

4) So the last one is a little harder to explain if you don't work in 3D design. Basically, if you look at the halo, it's not perfectly straight. The sides dip slightly inwards. This is poor craftsmanship in terms of 3D.

I hope this blog post was useful to you and you know what to look out for when buying your engagement ring. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at info@fineandflux.com 

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