How to buy a diamond engagement ring, the process and what to expect

How To Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring: The Process & What To Know As A Client Going In

Buying an engagement ring can look a little scary and sometimes daunting because it's a high valued item that most of us have no prior experience in buying. We've written this blog to help you understand the process from start to finish in buying a diamond engagement ring, so you can be better prepared once your ready to invest!

So the very first thing you should know before coming to work with us is your budget and diamond shape! This will allow us to contact our diamond dealers and request a selection of diamonds with those requirements. We will then meticulously sort through all the available options to find you the best quality and carat.

Once we've narrowed down the options to 1-3 diamonds, we will then send them to you via email. They come in high definition videos with close up views to better see the natural qualities of the diamond, with ought having to have any equipment and from the comfort of your home. The videos are linked to the corresponding GIA certificates within the same window, so you can have a clear idea of what your looking at, by the guidance of the details included within the GIA diamond report. *If you are not sure what a GIA report is, we have a description at the bottom of the article*

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Our team is here to help guide you through the entire process and to educate you on why we think each diamond is a good option, so you can make a better educated choice when choosing between the available diamond selection. 

Once you've confirmed your preferred diamond, we will then start designing your engagement ring in 3D, send you the renderings and once you've approved the design, we will fabricate it and ship it out to you with ensured, express shipping! The whole process takes between 3-4 weeks. We have access to a large selection of natural diamonds and sometimes they do require to be imported, which in those cases may add on a week of delays to your ring. The process for diamonds are very similar to that of colored gemstones. 

If you're looking at one of our engagement ring designs and not to create a custom ring then the fabrication time is 2-3 weeks. A great option for someone with a shorter time frame!

To get started in creating your custom diamond engagement ring, get in touch today at

GIA reports are given to diamonds or any gemstones that have gone through the rigorous grading system by the Gemology Institute of America. They are reports that come in the form of certificates that clearly state the quality of the stone or diamond, based on the 4 C's. The 4 factors being evaluated are the cut, clarity, color and carat. The Gemology Institute of America is a non-profit and are know for having very strict grading. This is because they are a non-profit group, which means they gain nothing from evaluating your diamond at a higher grade (which would cost you more). Which is great because if you are a new consumer to buying diamonds, you know that if you have a GIA evaluation, that it is accurate and you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

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