Andalusite Stone Buyers Guide: Prices & Qualities

Andalusite Stone Buyers Guide: Prices & Qualities

andalusite ring oval cut in yellow gold

Andalusite is one of the most uncommon and underrated gemstone. Anyone wearing it is sure to be constantly asked about it's type because of it’s unique and beautiful multicolored appearance. It is one of the only brown gemstones other then smoky quartz.

We will dive deep into everything you need to know from prices, qualities, treatments and more so you can be better prepared before purchasing. To shop our Andalusite jewelry, click here.

 Andalusite Qualities & Properties 

When purchasing Andalusite here are the most important characteristics to look out for.

1) Color

andalusite eternity ring in yellow gold

What makes Andalusite so special is that it is pleochroic, meaning it displays multiple colors within the same stone. It shows flashes of orangy-browns, greens and reds, giving a warm and unusual appearance. This color combination is perfect for fall jewelry.

The most desired layout is keeping the paler colors of greens in the center, reds and darker browns towards the outside. Stone cutters will examine and determine the cut of the stone based on the position of the colors layout. It is also favourable to cut oval and elongated cuts of stones to accentuate this effect.

Andalusite is one of the only brown gemstones other then smoky quartz. Andalusite is a warmer brown and smoky quartz falls more within colder tones, which could be a deciding factor for clients based on the gold color they would like. We recommend setting andalusite in yellow gold to pull the beauty and warm tones of the stone. This will have more unity then setting it in white gold giving a strong contrast between a cold white metal and a warm toned stone.

 2) Cut

Andalusite bezel ring in gold

Andalusites are often found in elongated cushion cuts, rounds, ovals and emerald cuts. This is because andalusite is a brittle stone. Being brittle means it is easy to crack under impact. Having them cut in more rounded shapes and shapes with ought corners will be harder the crack and or damage the edges, then shapes like a marquise cut, with 2 points.

When a stone is brittle it is not to be confused with the hardness. Hardness refers to the Moh’s scale, which means how hard it is to scratch the stone. Andalusite is a 6-7.5 on 10. So it is a more fragile stone, but it is still hard enough that clients should not worry. The hardness of a stone is most important for stones being placed on an engagement ring that will endure wear and tear every day, for a lifetime. Requiring a higher durability.

 3) Clarity

eternity ring in yellow gold and andalusite stone

There is an abundance of raw material for andalusite, however the majority is not jewelry quality and instead used as an ingredient in making bricks and other industrial materials. Naturally it is a stone that is opaque and has a strong presence of rutile needles. This is why even in higher qualities used for gemstones, you will still see visible inclusions.

Clients need to be realistic when purchasing that it is simply not a stone that will have a high quality clarity like other semi precious gemstones such as Topaz, garnets that are very easy to buy top quality stones at low prices and in high carat weights.

Andalusite Prices

Andalusite is not commonly known and in consequence not in demand, causing the prices to be reasonable. You can easily find good quality Andalusite within the ranges of 400-800 a carat. Of course you can always find some at lower price points but do expect an opaque and poor clarity stone. Prices for high qualities of the 3ct range will grow exponentially. 


 Treatments, imitations and synthetics:

andalusite drop earrings pear cut

Andalusite is not a treated stone. Unlike sapphires whom are commonly heat treated to enhance clarity (remove rutile needles) and color, andalusites are not. The gemstones are kept in their natural state which is amazing because it means that the colors of the stone have naturally occurred.

 Due to lack of demand there are not really any imitations or synthetics on the market. It would also be very hard to reproduce its pleochroic properties and color play making an easy tell when looking for a fake.


Interested In Andalusite Jewelry?

gemstone jewelry in gold handmade

If you are looking to create an Andalusite jewel, send us a quick inquiry at At Fine+Flux we specialize in bespoke fine jewelry and engagement rings and would be more then happy to answer any questions you have or to provide you with a quote.

You can also view our full Andalusite Petal collection here or see our full custom jewelry portfolio here.

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