Don't buy a tension set engagement rings

Tension Setting Engagement Rings are a No-No!

Tension settings are in style and here is why you should avoid them! Today we’ll be sharing the top three things you should consider before investing in a tension setting ring.

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Before we get started, let’s explain what a tension setting is. It is when a gemstone is held in place, not by prongs, but between the metal of the shank.

The appeal of having a tension set ring is that it does not have prongs. This means the stone is more exposed, which allows more light in and therefore brilliance to pass through the stone. It also has a unique appearance in that it gives the illusion of a floating stone. 

  1. If you want a skinny dainty ring, tension setting is not for you
    Tension setting engagement ring

Tension rings have no prongs, so the center stone will be held in place by the bands of metal parallel to the stone. However in order for the metal to maintain it's structure through everyday wear and tear, the metal needs to be thicker. This is why anyone looking for a dainty ring should not invest in a tension set ring. 

  1. You need to have a larger carat weight

Because you need a thick shank to hold the stone in place, you will need a larger stone to balance out the look. It will not look very good if your shank is thick and your stone is minuscule in comparison. So, if your budget is $5000 or under and you want a diamond, tension setting is perhaps not the right choice for you. We recommend having stones 1ct+ for this style of ring in order for it to be proportional. However, for clients under the 5K mark, you can always choose to have a colored stone instead of a diamond or white sapphire in order to hit that larger carat size.

  1. Resizing is a nightmare!Tension setting ring

Many women have to resize their rings multiple times due to weight gain, pregnancy, or even age. On average, our clients will resize their ring at least twice through out their lifetime. Our bodies change over time and that is totally okay! However, we do have to be ready for that because if your ring is tension set, the resizing is much more difficult and expensive than usual. Our fingers can easily swell between 1 quarter to 3 quarters of a size just from swelling from heat. So you can imagine that during a pregnancy, clients can often ask to resize between half a size to a full size and half larger. When resizing we have to open the base of the shank and pull outward or inward depending on sizing up or down and this will cause the tension holding the center stone to loosen. This is why we will often have to remake the ring completely in order to keep the diamond in place, which can be quite costly for clients.

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