Sapphire prices for 2022

Sapphire Prices By Color, Market Value 2022 1ct+

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We've prepared a selection of 1 carat sapphires of various colors to show you real market prices and how they fluctuate based on color and saturation. We will cover blues, pinks, padparadscha, yellows, greens, teals and so much more!

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Note: all stones (unless indicated otherwise) used in this blog have the same quality of clarity, cut (excellent-very good), heat treated and similar carat weight, in order to really focus on the difference of price solely based on colors & they're different saturations. Based on 2022 market prices. To read about the basics of sapphires (identifying qualities, synthetics, hardness and more) click here.

Blue Sapphire Prices Per Carat

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Blue sapphires, and more specifically royal blue sapphires, are the most prized and bought color of sapphire. Prices will start lower for lighter blues, going higher as they turn into richer more royal blues and once the color goes too dark, they will start to match the prices of lighter colors. Cornflower blues are the most expensive shade of blue.



blue sapphire prices

As you can see for relatively the same carat weight, a royal blue shade will be almost 3X the price in comparison to a lighter blue sapphire. 

blue sapphire comparison prices for cushion cut
Here is another beautiful example of different colored blues and prices. We have 6.5mm cushion cut blue sapphires. The lighter being $2700 and the royal blue being 7K each.
Even though royal blue is the preferred color, these drops in price do not mean the lighter shade are not exceptional stones. These light blues reflect more light than the darker stones making a more brilliant option.

Padparadscha Sapphire Prices

radiant cut sapphire engagement ring with diamond halo

Padparadscha sapphires are the rarest of fancy colored sapphires. They are a unique specimen of sapphire known for its mixture of pink and orange colors within the same stone. An easy way to tell a Padparadscha, is when placed next to an orange sapphire, the Padparadscha will appear pink. Next to a pink sapphire, however, it will appear orange.




padparadscha sapphire prices coral peach

Again the lighter shades drop in price. These prices do reflect similarly to royal blue prices

Pink Sapphire Prices

Pink sapphires range from hot pinks, medium, and pastel (light). Hot pink sapphires (left) have similar prices to medium pink (middle) because even though they have a stronger saturation, there really isn't much demand for them, driving the prices down. Light pink and pastel pinks (right) are almost half the price of hot pink, they are a great pink diamond alternative. 

pink sapphire prices

Fun fact, as soon as pink sapphires turn from a saturated pink to a red shade, they become rubies, which will then increase the price quite drastically.

Green & Teal Sapphire Prices

sapphire paperclip chain bracelet in yellow gold

Green sapphires come in a wide range of shades, from yellowish-greens, to teals, forest greens and mint greens. They are also a perfect example of how demand can influence price. Teal colored sapphires have sky-rocketed in demand over the last couple of years along with their prices.




green teal sapphire prices

Left we have a green sapphire, middle is teal and to the left a green sapphire with a tint of yellow.

green blue teal sapphires prices

Purple & Violet Sapphire Prices

A less common but beautiful choice of sapphires are the purple hues. By a default, sapphires are always going to be heat treated, however, when placed in heat, purple sapphires will turn blue or pink, causing the purple to disappear. This is why in most cases, purple and lavender sapphires will be un-touched!

purple violet sapphire prices

White Sapphire Prices

pear cut white sapphire engagement ring halo

White sapphires, an excellent diamond alternative is a very popular option for millennials because of their affordable price tag. Even though white, they can have slight tints of yellow or blue and sometimes even pink. So you need to make sure they are as colorless as possible. 




white sapphire prices

As you can see for the white sapphire on the right, it weighs 1.13cts at 1500. In comparison to natural diamond the price would have been approximately 8-10X the price.

Yellow Sapphire Prices

Yellow sapphires can come in very saturated tones almost appearing slightly orange to very light shades of yellow, resembling yellow diamond. 

yellow sapphire prices

Yellow sapphire is not a common choice of stone, as a result, prices are more than affordable in larger carat weights, in comparison to colors like royal blues.

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