top 5 engagement ring trends 2023

Engagement Ring Styles: Top Trends of 2023

As we embark on the year 2023, we are very excited to announce that jewelry is starting to pivot from the previously popular sleek and simple designs of the last 5 years. Today we will be breaking down all the new trends we anticipate becoming more popular this year and onwards.

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The most classic yet lovable cut. The beauty of a solitaire cut ring will never go out of style which is why Gen-Z loves it while older generations are still wearing them. It’s a simple, timeless design that ages extremely well. We often find designs that are too trendy lose their charm quickly.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaires are also very easy to deck out. You can add hidden halos or petal prongs, which will add a little bit more luxury to a simpler design.

If you are hesitating between a solitaire or a more fashionable design, we would recommend investing in a simpler engagement ring like a solitaire and pairing it with a trendier wedding band. A wedding band will be a fraction of the cost of your engagement ring and if you get sick of it, changing it to match that decades trends will be more money savvy.

 We have a lot of solitaire options, so make sure to check out our website if you are interested. 


Although we appreciate thin bands and sleek designs, we are so ready to adventure into the glamorous, messy, and exciting world of maximalism! With minimalism dominating the market for the past 5-10 years, fresh new maximalist designs are taking the industry by storm.

Maximalism is essentially the abundance of everything: mixed patterns, bold colors, and ornate shapes! It does not shy away from combining vintage and modern designs through bigger and bolder, yet sleek art deco influences.

Art Deco Maximalist Ring

20 years ago, we could not produce the complicated geometric diamond cuts that are popular right now, such as, hexagon, kite, and half-moon shapes, ect. The development of the diamond industry has allowed us to create alternative shapes in much more abundance than before.

You will be seeing more emeralds, sapphires and black diamonds, than usually seen for engagement rings.


custom bezel engagement ring 18k yellow and ruby

Bezels are a minimal yet imposing, toeing the line between minimalist and maximalist designs. Not only do they provide a lot more security for your stone, but they add mass to it, making it appear larger. Additionally, they can hide imperfections on a gemstone, which can be difficult to do with just prongs. Another pro of having a bezel is that it allows you to set your stone lower than usual, which is great for nurses, doctors, or anyone working a hands on job. Lower rings have a less chance of catching onto things. They are also easier to wear under gloves.

We anticipate seeing a lot of geometric and angled styles with bezel rings such as Asscher, emerald, and princess cuts that accentuate style and bold elegance.  

At Fine+Flux we love bezel rings and want to create more of them, shoot us an email on if you are looking for one and we can get started on designing yours!

Thicker bands

Perfect for those looking to steer away from the extremely feminine aesthetic. Thicker and bolder jewelry, while inherently a maximalist design, can definitely be minimalist too, just not in the ultra-feminine way we usually see minimalist designs.

Wide Band Engagement Ring

We will mostly see thick bands in either a rugged, hammered texture, or simple and completely dazzled. However, thicker bands can also be enhanced and decked out using center stones or many other designs we are used to seeing on thin bands.  

If you are looking into a thicker band, make sure you get a comfort fit instead of a standard fit, especially if your hands swell often.

We do have a few thicker band ring designs on our website if you would like to check that out, but we also look forward to creating more! If you are looking for a unique and personalized ring, reach out on so we can design one especially for you!


Floral Engagement Ring

Florals are not talked about enough! We receive a lot of floral requests such as vine work, leaves, and accented flowers, yet the design does not receive the recognition it deserves. They are beautiful little details that create an extremely feminine yet regal feel to your jewelry. We have so many examples of customers looking for floral detailing on their rings, which is why we think this is an ever-lasting design! 

Florals can transcend into any style you like from art deco, modern, vine work, leaves, or the actual flower itself. 

Cluster rings

Cluster rings are definitely a trend. Is it going to last? Maybe, maybe not. However, they are extremely popular right now.

custom cluster engagement ring jewelry trends 2023

This design is the spacing out and clustering of gemstones that are shaped, sized, or even colored different. Generally, it is the inclusion of a lot of smaller stones rather than a singular large stone, which makes cluster rings marginally cheaper than traditional rings.

Although the designs are beautiful, we do recommend sticking to other options because cluster rings are usually asymmetrical, meaning you could likely grow tired of your ring. However, if you are loving cluster rings, look into symmetrical designs instead! 

Our advice for 2023:

If you are looking for an engagement ring, here are some things we are seeing couples do: small sentimental ideas within engagement and wedding rings are on the rise.

  • Couples embed each other’s birthstones on the inside of their rings, a simple, sweet, and private show of their love for each other.
  • If you are looking to get a thinner band, don’t go under 1.5 mm thick. If you do want to go thinner, build your band up. Excessively thin bands can bend, which will cause your gemstones to pop out.
  • If you are creating an eternity band, try to not exceed 3 quarters. Resizing your ring will become much more complicated, difficult, and expensive. On average, every woman resizes her ring 1-2 times in their life.

How To Get Started On Creating A Personalized Engagement Ring?

It's really quite simple! All you need to do is send us an inquiry with the type of stone you'd like to have, the general design you'd like to have made and you budget. We will then show you a selection of gemstones or diamonds to choose from. Once selected we will make your ring in 3D for you to approve the design, make it and ship it out! It's really that easy.

If you are interested in custom creating your own ring, please reach out to us on and we would be happy to help. At Fine+Flux we work with our customer’s budget to create their dream ring!


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