Can You Put Hair or Fur Inside of Jewelry?

Can You Put Hair or Fur Inside of Jewelry?

Topaz Cremation Ring with pet hair

We get this question asked all the time and the short answer is yes! Cremation jewelry where you place the ashes within the band of a ring, has grown in popularity. However, there are a lot of clients who may not have access to their loved ones or pets ashes for a number of reasons, which is why we are here to tell you - it can be done with hair!

How we insert the fur or hair within the keepsake:

Ashes ring Blue sapphire and Emerald in gold

The hair is cut into small enough pieces to then be placed inside of a small compartment somewhere within the jewelry. Once it is placed inside, we will then seal it shut. 
We do not use the screw technique where clients can place the hair in the urn themselves. We want to insure no water will leek into the compartment, over time we've found that the screw mechanisms often wear down from everyday use.

Is there a way to see the hair within the memorial jewelry:

Yes! There are 2 ways of creating memorial jewelry, for the first method we place the ashes or hair within a small compartment and seal it shut.

hair ring with pear cut green resin and diamond

The other method is to place the fur or ashes within a resin mixture as seen in the ring to the left. Resin is similar to a clear nail polish that is then hardened. We can make it any color and any opacity. This means that the lighter the opacity of color the more you will see the fur. So clients can let us know which they prefer, to clearly see the hair or not.

For resin, we always provide clients with a swatch of what the resins final color will look like before placing it inside the jewel to make sure this is what you had in mind.


When inserting the hair we will always film the process so you can be sure it was done. We've also heard from many clients say they enjoy watching the process as they found it healing and reassuring. 

Any hair we don't use we always return at the same time as the shipment of the jewelry.

How do you send us the hair?

resin fur jewelry keepsake with opal

As soon as the order is placed we will send you an email with an easy guide on how to package the fur, how to ship it and with what service provider to use to simplify the process.

For rings we will send you a free ring sizer to your home to confirm your size.

Here is a link to our ready to order designs, every jewel comes with free engravings, ring sizer and shipping. All of our jewelry is made in solid gold with natural gemstones to insure the highest quality craftsmanship so that your memorial jewelry lasts a lifetime!

Personalized Hair Jewelry Keepsakes

topaz pet hair keepsake ring in gold

Our specialty at Fine+Flux is custom design, so if you are looking to create a specific style of ring or with different gemstones, send us an email at 



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