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Alexandrite Gemstone: Prices, Color Change, Identifying Qualities & How To Clean!

What is Alexandrite Gemstone?

Moonstone and alexandrite necklace June birthstone

Alexandrite is the rarest gemstone on the market. It is sought out for its unique color changing properties and its allure based on scarcity. Today we will be going over everything you need to know from the Alexandrite prices, the different qualities, synthetics and how to care for your stone. If you are looking for an Alexandrite or to create a custom engagement ring, send us an email at and we will be happy to help!

Alexandrite's Color change

If you aren't familiar with this gemstone, it is one of the only natural stones that has color change. When Alexandrite is in natural daylight it will be green to blues, but when placed under incandescent light (for example candlelight) it will turn shades of red to pink! 

alexandrite gemstone meaning rare greenalexandrite gemstone meaning rare purple

[Same stones!]

There are only 4 types of gemstones that have this color changing property. Spinel, garnet, sapphires and alexandrite. However Alexandrite's are the rarest and display the most pronounced change.

 Understanding Alexandrite Qualities

For gemstones and diamonds alike, they are graded based on the "4 C's". Cut, color, clarity and carat weight. We've broken down each characteristic for you so you can better understand what to look for, when buying an Alexandrite.

alexandrite gemstone meaning rare purple green

Color: The most important factor when deciding the quality of an Alexandrite is the color change. Lower quality stones will have less drastic changes in color. There is also a strong correlation between lighter stones (for example lighter greens) having less pronounced color change and darker more saturated stones will have more drastic transformations.

 Clarity: When we are speaking of clarity we are referring to the amount of inclusions within the stone. Inclusions are the small impurities, such as small cracks, feathers, crystals, ects.

alexandrite gemstone meaning rare green engagement ring stone gem

All natural gemstones will have inclusions. Ultimately what you are looking for are gemstones that are eye clean. Eye clean means, that when looking at your stone by the naked eye (not aided by any magnifying instruments) you will not be able to see these impurities. If there are, you want them to be strategically placed, meaning not front and center on the table of your stone, but off to the side near the girdle.

Cut: The cut will affect the carat weight and brilliance of your stone. 

Often times for valuable stones they will try to reduce as much waste as possible. When stone cutting you can loose up to 40% of the stones raw material. This is why for stones like alexandrite's or sapphires you may find gems with irregular shapes or very deep belly's. The lapidary artists are trying to reduce as much waste, in comparison to stones like garnets that are inexpensive. They will then focus on a higher quality cut because the value will be based on the final products appearance and not the material itself.

alexandrite and diamond oval cut necklace

Having an excellent cut with proportional facets will give your stone its full potential to sparkle! If it doesn't have a nice cut it will lack luster and may be a good idea to have it retouched.

Carat: The carat, is referring to the weight of your stone. Finding natural Alexandrite over 2 carats is very difficult. They are often found in small crystals, so you can expect for prices over 1.5cts to increase exponentially. 

Natural Alexandrite Prices

Natural Alexandrite is the rarest gemstone, which of course will reflect in it's prices. As a general rule of thumb, we tell our clients to refer to top quality natural diamond prices, because they will be within the same price range. 

natural alexandrite gemstone prices oval

The number one factor that will effect the price will be the color change. For example, take these 2 stones. We have a lighter green Alexandrite at 1.17cts for 4500 CAD and the darker green Alexandrite to the left is a 0.79ct at 17,500 CAD. As we mentioned earlier, lighter shades of Alexandrite display less remarkable color change, in comparison to darker tones. This is why we see such a difference in price.

alexandrite gemstone meaning rare 2mm stone gem purple blue

If you are looking for Alexandrite but don't want to hit these high price tags, we always suggest using melee (stones under 2.5mm). Smaller sizes such 3mm and under will range from 75$ a stone down to 30$ a stone. Making it a more realistic option for smaller budgets. Instead of having a 1ct center stone for example, you could consider using alexandrite as accent stones on your wedding band or in small features through out your jewel.

What we recommend is to send us an idea of what you are looking for, along with your budget and we can help source multiple alexandrite options for you to choose from within that price range. Simply send us an email at

Is Alexandrite good for an engagement ring?

alexandrite birthstone bezel earrings in gold

Yes of course! Alexandrite has a hardness of 8.5, making it a durable stone. Exactly what you want for a piece of jewelry such as an engagement ring that will endure every day wear-and-tear.

It also has a refractive index of 1.75. The refractive index refers to how brilliant your stone will be once faceted. Alexandrite has the same refractive index as a sapphire, just to give a reference point. So it is a gemstone that will give you that desired sparkle you want to make your ring POP!

If you are looking for an Alexandrite engagement ring please send us an email at with your budget for the ring and we will be happy to send you some stone options within that price range.

How To Identify Synthetic Alexandrite

For all valuable gemstones, there will always be synthetics on the market. When buying precious gemstones you always want to have it appraised, it is the only real way of Identifying the authenticity. Synthetic Alexandrite will have the same properties as a natural stone and the only way of telling the difference is by a trained gemologist and their microscope. 

Appraisals cost approximately 100-150$ and are required by insurance companies to ensure your engagement rings. We can have your jewelry or gemstone appraised within 3-7 business days. Send us an email, for more questions and current time delays.

alexandrite color change in natural daylightalexandrite stone color change for jewelry
Daylight (green) VS incandescent light (violet)

How to care and wash your Alexandrite ring

Alexandrite jewelry does not require any special care when cleaning. It is a resilient stone. You can leave it to soak in a bowl of warm-to-hot water for 10 minutes. This will soften the build up of soap residue and creams. Once that's done, you can take an old tooth brush with a little bit of dish soap and give it a good scrub! When washing & rinsing, make sure your sink is plugged, incase you accidentally drop it! We usually recommend doing this every 3 months.

Alexandrite The June Birthstone & It's Meaning

alexandrite stud earrings

Alexandrite, along with moonstones and pearls are the birthstones for the month of June. It is a gemstone believed to bring good luck and fortune to the person wearing it.

How To Source An Alexandrite Or Create A Custom Engagement Ring?

If you are interested in buying a natural Alexandrite or to create a custom engagement ring, do send us a email at and we will be happy to help you find the perfect fit! We will work alongside your budget and desired esthetic to find you the perfect jewel!


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